14 Top Dermatologists Reveal Their Summer Skin-Care Routines

There’s no one we trust and look to more for skin-care advice than board-certified dermatologists. Whether we’re struggling with acne, looking to address hyperpigmentation, or seeking top-notch anti-aging treatments, a quick trip to the dermatologist can solve so many of our problems.

With access to the most advanced treatments and efficacious beauty products, we’re always curious to find out what products really make the cut and end up in a dermatologist’s skin-care routine. Is there a drugstore hero that they rely on day in and day out? What about a product they splurge on without a hint of regret? If you’re equally curious about what dermatologists put on their face to keep their skin healthy and looking its best, keep reading. We tapped 14 of the top dermatologists in the game to reveal their summer skin-care routines.

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