Month: January 2020

Engagement Gift Ideas 2020 – 15 Gifts To Celebrate The Engaged Couple In Your Life

Courtesy While things may feel stuck at a standstill, there are some couples who are not letting anything stop their love. Proposals are still... Read more »

Most Common Yoga Poses Pictures

If you've been thinking about trying yoga, but you're a little intimidated after scrolling through Instagram and seeing people post photos of themselves balancing... Read more »

15-Minute Kickboxing YouTube Workouts to Add to Your Routine

When I feel bored in my fitness routine, I break up my tedious running and strength-training schedule by sprinkling in some 15-minute kickboxing YouTube... Read more »

First Natural Makeup Tutorial + Review | Vegan, Organic, & Non-Toxic

Check Out My First Makeup Review! I am SO excited to share this Vegan, Organic, Non-Toxic Natural & Bold Look and also to collaborate... Read more »

35-Minute Full-Body Unilateral Workout With Weights

Group-fitness expert Raneir Pollard leads you through a unilateral workout where you will focus on one side of your body at a time to... Read more »

WOW!! Dual Form HACK Using A Nail Tip – No Filing Needed Underneath!!

Hi Guys, So in today's episode, I'm going to teach you how to do a Dual Form over a tip because I have this... Read more »

Once upon a time, was there skincare? | Ancient Beauty Secrets you`ve never heard of

What's your essential skincare routine? Toner, essence, and moisturize...? Imagine what your routine would be if you were living in ancient times without all... Read more »

These is An Old Japanese Recipe: The Only Beauty Advice You’ll Ever Need

These is An Old Japanese Recipe: The Only Beauty Advice You'll Ever Need SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL AND SHARE VIDEOS WITH ALL YOUR ...... Read more »

7 Makeup Tips & Tricks For A Flawless Face!

I show you step-by-step my 7 Makeup Tips & Tricks For A Flawless Face! Starting with great skincare to a flawless makeup routine! See... Read more »

How the internet reshaped the fashion industry

In 2000, Jennifer Lopez's green dress became a viral sensation. Since then, fashion memes have evolved and are now so commonplace, industry powerhouses ...... Read more »

The Bestselling Products From BLK + GRN

When we came across BLK + GRN, we immediately knew we had found something special, and we can't wait to tell you about it.... Read more »

How I Manage Symptoms of ADHD Without Medication

I've always had difficulty focusing, but I wasn't diagnosed with ADHD until my first year at community college. I was struggling to stay seated... Read more »

Pyer Moss to Stage Drive-In Movie Premieres for New Documentary American, Also

There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming Spring 2021 Fashion Week circuit, with brands like Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs opting out of... Read more »

Beauty Advice for Millennials It's All About Attitude!

Dear Sybersue is an Informative No BS dating relationship coach and advice columnist for millennials & gen-exers. Today she discusses the difficulties young ...... Read more »