Month: October 2019

Peloton Instructor Alex Toussaint on the Realities of Racism

Senior Peloton Instructor Alex Toussaint is speaking up about the impact racism has not only on his life, but on the lives of other... Read more »

Comfortable Jumpsuits and Rompers With Pockets

I'm all about easy dressing, and honestly, what's easier than wearing something that's just one piece? That's why I'm always looking to invest in... Read more »

Olivia Wilde's Simple & Natural Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

From glowing skin to her signature cat-eyes, Olivia Wilde serves up a play-by-play on her super simple and naturally minded morning prep. "I'm a... Read more »

Over 40?! My Anti-Aging Makeup Tips for a Youthful Look

Over 40?!! My Anti Aging Makeup Tips for a Youthful Look! Of course you can do your makeup however you want, but these are... Read more »

Is Dermaplaning At Home Safe? How to Shave Your Face to Exfoliate Your Skin

News flash: Shaving is no longer relegated to your underarms, bikini line, and legs—people are shaving their faces now. It's called dermaplaning, and the... Read more »

Kpop Idol MOMOLAND: beauty secrets + q&a (trainee advice, diet etc) | Q2HAN

Vlogging Channel: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: ... source Read more »

Best Products For Hyperpigmentation on Dark Skin at Sephora

Hyperpigmentation is the proper name for the splotchy dark spots I've been blessed with all my life (and I won't share the not-so-holy name... Read more »

Hyper Skin Founder Desiree Verdejo Interview

With antiracism protests happening all over the country in support of the Black Live Matter Movement, a light is finally being shed on other... Read more »

Busy Philipps's Guide to Retinol, Rollers and Nighttime Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Produced by Vogue with OLAY | Retinol, rollers, and real talk about sinus solutions: Busy Philipps' nighttime routine is pure entertainment. Still haven't ...... Read more »

6 Fashion Lessons We Learned From the Judges on ‘Making the Cut’

If you're looking for your next binge-watch (and aren't we all?), add Amazon Prime's show, Making the Cut to the list. It premiered at... Read more »

15 Candles That Will Make Your Home Smell Fancy

Courtesy There are a lot of factors to consider when finding the best luxury candle for your humble abode. How long is its burn... Read more »

Top 10 YouTube Women's Fitness Channels – TopX Ep.20

Welcome to the twentieth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! source Read more »

The Best DIY Lip Scrub Recipe

There’s nothing more unsightly or uncomfortable than flaky, sandpaper lips. Sure, you can tap on your trusty lip balm and be on your way,... Read more »


Hey! In this week's video, I'm watching a highly requested video! @Snitchery "Why YOU should change your ENTIRE makeup routine", and sharing some tips... Read more »